Help Build Up the 65th

South Central Indiana is decorated with some of the best scenery in the state. The residents are
proud of this great feature, and we need someone who represents that pride in the Statehouse.
But wait, there’s more! District 65 has much to offer, and it is time to BUILD on our trades and
show our skills to the rest of this great country.
Our young generation is a major part of this District, and we should be utilizing their skills to
help us move into the future. It should be OUR goal to reach out to these future leaders, hear
their thoughts, understand their needs and help them reach their potential. We want them to stay
here in Indiana and help us BUILD our communities.
The population has dropped in this area, and we are committed to bringing people and their skills
to this place we call home. It is time for good jobs to become available for those who want to
raise families here in South Central Indiana. This can become a reality! It is NOT impossible!

“How do you expect us to get to the moon if you people can’t even hook us up with a ground station?”

Gus Grissom